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JSON to XML Converter Online

Convert JSON to XML, Validate and Prettify it.

How does the JSON/XML converter work?

XML element names rules:

  • Element name must start with a letter, an underscore _ , or a colon : .
  • After the initial character, the name can contain letters, digits, hyphens - , underscores _ , colons : , and periods ..
  • Characters cannot be used in element names <, >, &, ", and '.
  • Cannot contain whitespace characters (spaces, tabs, etc.).

If JSON is valid, after conversion, we add a declaration with version 1.0 and encoding UTF-8, wrap everything in a root tag. All whitespace is removed, and invalid characters will be replaced by an underscore. XML will be formatted with the indentation specified in the settings.


    "Aidan Gillen": {
        "array  s": [
            "Game of Thrones",
            "The Wire"
        "2string": "some string",
        "int": "2",
        "otherint": 4,
        "boolean": false,
        "object": {
            "foo": "bar",
            "foo2": {}
    "Bul@ks!": {},
    "Annie Fitzgerald": [],
    "Anwan Glover": [
        "The Wire"
    "Alexander Skarsg?rd": [
        "Generation Kill",
        "True Blood"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         Game of Thrones
         The Wire
         some string
      The Wire
      Generation Kill
      True Blood