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XML to JSON Converter Online

Convert XML to JSON, after validation with pretty formatted output.

How does the XML/JSON converter work?

In conversion, comments will be ignored, but declarations will not.If an element has more than one attribute, after conversion, the key is ’_attributes’, and the value represents all attributes as key-value pairs. If there was only one key/value pair, it will be unnested. If there is tag and content inside the element, the key ’_text’ represents the content as a string. If there are multiple identical tags, they will be converted into an array with the same schema. The JSON output in a read-only field will be formatted according to the specified settings for indentation, type, and width.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<html style="color: green">
   <!-- this is a comment -->
         HTML Example
      The indentation tries to be
         somewhat &quot;do whatI mean&quot;
      ... but might not match your style.


    "html": {
        "style": "color: green",
        "head": {
            "title": "HTML Example"
        "body": {
            "_text": [
                "The indentation tries to be",
                "... but might not match your style."
            "em": "somewhat "do whatI mean""